Summer V-Neck Gym Tank Top


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Stay cool and focused with the Summer V-Neck Gym Tank Top, your perfect companion for workouts and active days. This tank top features a flattering V-neck design that enhances breathability and comfort during intense training sessions. Crafted from lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric, it keeps you dry and comfortable, allowing you to push your limits with ease.

Designed with functionality in mind, the Summer V-Neck Gym Tank Top offers a relaxed fit that promotes freedom of movement. The sleeveless design and athletic cut ensure unrestricted mobility, making it ideal for various gym activities or outdoor workouts under the sun.

Versatile and practical, this tank top pairs seamlessly with your favorite leggings or shorts, offering a stylish and functional outfit for the gym or outdoor activities. Layer it with a sports bra for added support or wear it alone for a lightweight feel. Embrace performance and style with the Summer V-Neck Gym Tank Top, a must-have for staying cool and comfortable during your active lifestyle.

Size Chest (inches) Whole Length (inches) Recommended Height (inches) Recommended Weight (pounds)
S ~36.22 ~25.98 ~65.35 – 66.93 ~121 – 132
M ~37.80 ~26.77 ~66.93 – 68.90 ~132 – 154
L ~39.37 ~27.56 ~68.90 – 70.87 ~154 – 176
XL ~39.37 ~27.95 ~68.90 – 70.87 ~154 – 172
XXL ~40.94 ~28.35 ~70.87 – 72.83 ~176 – 187
XXXL ~42.52 ~29.13 ~72.83 – 74.80 ~187 – 198



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